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The Needlecraft Team


I have been involved with Needlecraft since it opened and now I am a joint partner with my sister Karen. You do not see me down the shop some of the time because I am often working behind the scenes as I do all the administration. I am a keen patchworker and also order much of the fabric that you see. I love to make items to display in the shop, especially the advent calenders and stockings at Christmas time!


My interest in Needlework started when I was at school; from here I studied for three years at the 'London College of Fashion'. This then lead to me becoming a tailoress which influenced the opening of Needlecraft in 1980. I am a keen knitter, but I can also crochet and cross-stitch; you can usually spot me within these departments in the shop. 


I started the business with my husband Bruce in 1969. We opened Needlecraft in 1980 but I am now retired. I spend a lot of my time knitting for 'Cancer Research' and 'Children In Need'. I enjoy helping with the knitting classes  and like to join our knit and natter group on Friday mornings.  I sometimes help in the shop and do some administration.


I am the manageress and I have been knitting, sewing and cross-stitching from a very young age but my forte is soft furnishings and upholstery. I also help with the fabric ordering and the general running of the shop. 


I have an eye for the unusal which helps with my main role ordering the haberdashery! I enjoy making clothes and I do alot of knitting. I also like card making  and enjoy the social side of the job chatting to our customers.


I've been passionate about sewing since my first sewing lessons at school over 40 years ago. Over the years I have made many items of clothing for myself and then my daughters; as they grew I sewed their little matching outfits right up to their elegant grown up prom dresses in their teens. I love constructing a dress from scratch using a dressmaking pattern and choosing lovely fabrics. I have made most styles of dress from a simple shift to my beautiful silk chiffon flowing maxi of which I am most proud. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing with Needlecraft customers. I was a customer here for many years and this is my "dream job".


I am Bruce and Miriam's granddaughter and daughter to Karen. I have worked in the shop for 18 years. I first started as a Saturday girl and now work part-time. My role is mainly working in the craft department and Website administration.


I work mainly in the wool section and advise customers with their knitting and crochet problems! I really love most crafts including knitting, crochet, jewellery making, sewing and I am even having a go at patchwork at the moment having just made my first quilt and patchwork cushion.


I enjoy knitting, cross-stitch and sewing and although confident in these almost everyday I learn a new technique, hint or tip through my colleagues or our customers.


I love working for Needlecraft as it gives me a chance to be surrounded by my passion; fabrics! I love dressmaking and I can give customers any advice they need on their projects.


Of all the crafts knitting is my therapy. I love the colours and textures of the yarns; they are my idea of heaven! I am often seen in the wool department and help our customers with any problems they may have.


I am Bruce and Miriam's granddaughter and daughter to Julie and Geoff. I occasionally help with the website administration. 


I am Mr Fixit (handyman) at Needlecraft and married to Julie.  Over the past few years, since taking early retirement from the London Insurance Market I have helped to modernise the shop and generally enhance its overall appearance and functionality.