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Qty x VARIO Pliers Prym Love, pink

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VARIO Pliers Prym Love, pink

Reference: PRYM-LOVE-PINKPLIERS-390902

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VARIO pliers Prym Love, pink
  • Versatile pliers for non-sew products like press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons and rivets

  • Includes ╩╣Color Snaps╩╣ tools set

  • With piercing tools for diameters of 3 and 4 mm

  • Easy to handle

Ideal for riveting press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons and rivets: the Prym Love VARIO pliers in attractive pink are a practical multi-purpose tool for convenient attachment of almost all Prym non-sew press fasteners and eyelets – with precision and uniform pressure. The enclosed punching tool makes child's play of punching holes with diameters of 3 mm or 4 mm. Even Color Snaps are easy to attach when using the enclosed tool set. The slip-resistant handles ensure safety at all times while you work. The pack contains a tool component in mint for removing the hole punching tools and for keeping the pliers together as well as the Color Snaps tools set.