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Qty x 4mm, 35cm - Prym Knitting Needles

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4mm, 35cm - Prym Knitting Needles

4mm, 35cm - Prym Knitting Needles

Reference: PRYM-191465-4.00MM,35CM


Single-pointed knitting needles, aluminium, 35cm, 4.00mm, grey

The light single-pointed knitted needles in aluminium in a variety of lengths and gauges are the ideal needles for every knitter. The non-porous, wear-resistant shaft allows the stitches to glide effortlessly over the needles. A further feature is the finely rounded point, which ensures that stitches are picked up without splitting the yarn.

  • Non-porous, wear-resistant shaft

  • For optimum gliding of the stitches

  • Finely rounded points