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Prym Upholsterer's Needles

Prym Upholsterer's Needles


  • For working on upholstery

  • Half-round curved, stable hand sewing needle with eyelet

  • Sizes: No. 2, 4, and 5

  • Made of hardened and stainless steel

Product information

The upholsterer's needles or decorative steel needles are an extremely-helpful tool for upholstering. Prym offers these semicircular, curved hand sewing needles with eyelet in a set in sizes no. 2, 4, and 5. Whether it's a car seat or upholstered cushion: These hardened needles can be accurately guided through any upholstery material, and their curved form allows you to work on hard-to-reach places. The tips are slightly rounded and are therefore easy on the fibres of the material being worked on.