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Qty x Prym Dressmaker's and quilter's tape adhesive

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Prym Dressmaker's and quilter's tape adhesive

Prym Dressmaker's and quilter's tape adhesive

Reference: PRYM-611331-QUILTERSTAPE-6MM

  • Self-adhesive tape

  • 6mm x 9 metres

  • For marking quilt lines and seam allowances

  • Makes simple stapling possible

  • Leaves no residue behind

Product information

A painter's tape is to a painter what a dressmaker’s and quilter's tape are to a dressmaker. This 6 mm-wide tape is an absolute must for every sewing station. Whether it's quilting, sewing, or embroidering: The dressmaker’s and quilter’s tape can be used in a multifunctional manner. With this one-sided, self-adhesive tape, straight lines can be marked, seam allowances and stitching distances can be indicated or simply stapled only. The top part of the narrow adhesive tape is writeable like normal masking tape, which allows for special markings to be readily made. After use, the tape can be removed again from any material without residue and damage.