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Quilting Notions

New In


New In

Prym Ruler handle

New In

Quilter's Multi-Mat A4 (30 x 24cm): Sloths

New In

Rotary Cutting Mat 42.5x27.5cm / 18x12" in Pink


Prym Fabric clips 2.6cm, 12 items


Rotary Cutter Prym Ergonomics 45 mm


28mm Olfa Cutter


45mm Olfa Cutter


45mm Olfa Cutter Comfort Grip


45mm Rotary Cutter Flower


45mm Rotary Cutter Geometric


60mm Olfa Cutter Comfort Grip


Best Press Ironing Spray Linen Fresh 6 oz


Clover Applique Pins


Clover Mini Iron II 'The Adapter'


Clover Quick Fusible Bias Tape 6mm Black


Clover Quick Fusible Bias Tape 6mm Silver


Clover Rotary Cutter Case


Clover Wonder Clips 10 Pack


Clover Wonder Clips 50 Pack


Clover Wonder Clips Multi


Curved Safety Pins: Nickel - 27mm - 100pcs


Curved Safety Pins: Nickel - 38mm - 60pcs


Dafa Rotary Cutter 45mm


Dafa Rotary Cutter Blade 45mm


EZ Quilting Rotary Cutter 18mm


Flower Head Quilt Pins


Gloves - Quilter's Medium/Large


Gloves - Quilter's Small/Medium


Heat Press Batting Together


June Tailor Binding Buddy 2 1/2 inches


June Tailor Starch Savvy - 16oz Non-Aerosol Spray


Olfa Rotary Cutter 45mm Pink


Pinking blade for rotary cutter Prym Ergonomics 45 mm


Prym Dressmaker's and quilter's tape adhesive


PRYM Finger Guards, Silicon


Prym Omnigrid Universal ruler, 6x24inch


Prym Omnigrid Universal Ruler, 9.5x9.5inch (24.13cm x 24.13cm)


Prym Omnigrip non-slip ruler, 12.5x12.5inch


Prym Omnigrip non-slip ruler, 6.5x6.5inch


Prym Omnigrip non-slip ruler, 6x12inch


Prym Omnigrip non-slip ruler, 6x24inch


Prym Quilting sewing machine needles, 75 and 90


Prym Stencil set for 10 patterns

Out of Stock

Quilter's Iron-on Interlining Grid White

Out of Stock

Quilter's Masking Tape

Out of Stock

Quilters Portable Multi-Mat A3 Sloths


Quilting Plastic-headed pins, 0.65 x 45mm, yellow


Replacement Olfa Cutter Rotary Blade 18mm


Replacement Olfa Cutter Rotary Blade 28mm


Replacement Olfa Rotary Blade 45mm


Replacement Olfa Rotary Blade 60mm


Sew Easy Basting Glue


Sew Simple Tack Remover


Standard spare blade for rotary cutter Prym Ergonomics 45 mm


The Crafter's Choice Micro Fasteners


The Crafter's Choice Micro Stitch


Wash Away Quilters Tape