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General Haberdashery

Kleiber 220mm Soft touch house hold scissors


Kleiber 250mm Soft touch house hold scissors


Applique Mat: 30cm x 31cm


Bias Tape Maker: Large: 25mm


Bias Tape Maker: Medium: 12mm


Bias Tape Maker: Small: 6mm


Bib and Brace Set: Bronze: 40mm


Bib and Brace Set: Nickel: 40mm


Braces Clip: Bronze - 30mm


Braces Clip: Nickel - 30mm


Clover Mini Iron II 'The Adapter'

New In

Dress Form Pincushion Ballerina

New In

Dress Form Pincushion Stitched Butterflies


Dressmakers Carbon Paper


Dressmakers Scissors 8.25" Rainbow


Extra Strong Wundaweb


Fuse and Fold Waistband Lining: 3m x 25mm


Fuse and Fold Waistband Lining: 3m x 35mm


Heat n Seal Lite: 74cm x 69cm


Hemline Dressmakers Pencils with Brush


Hemline Invisible Thread


Hemline Invisible Thread


Hemline Loose Cover Pins


Hemline Magnetic Pin Dish


Hemline Needle Threader


Hemline Pin Cushion


Hemline Seam Ripper


Hemline Serrated Type Tracing Wheel


Hemline Smooth Edge Tracing Wheel


Hemline T-Pins


Hemline Tailor's Chalk Assorted Colours


Hemline Tape Measure Extra Long


Hemline Tape Measure Retractable


Hemline Thimble Large


Hemline Thimble Small


Hemline Twist Pins


Hemline Water-Soluble Pencil in White

New In

Homemade Design Case and Scissors


Invisible Zipper Foot


Kleiber 140mm Soft touch sewing scissors


Kleiber 8.5


Liberty Compact Mamie Sewing Kit


Liberty Compact Newland Sewing Kit

Out of Stock

Liberty Scissors and Case Blue Emily Silhouette


Liberty Scissors and Case Mamie

Out of Stock

Liberty Scissors and Case Mamie Lavender/Blue


Liberty Scissors and Case Newland


Liberty Scissors and Case Pink Emily Silhouette


Liberty Sewing Roll Mamie


Liberty Sewing Roll Mamie Lavender/Blue


Liberty Tape Measure Mamie Lavender/Blue


Liberty Tape Measure Newland


Lock Threaders - Extra Long Treaders


Loop Turner


Name Label Kit: Iron on tape with Pen and Stencil


Name Label Replacement Tape - Iron-On


Name Tag Kit - 18 Tags


Name Tag Refill - 36 Tags


Pen: Fabric Marker: Vanishing


Pen: Fabric Marker: Wipe Off/Wash Out


Pen: Water Soluble: White


Permanent Labelling Pen: Ball Point


Permanent Pen: Labelling Marker: Fine Tip

Coming Soon

Pincushion Bee Hive

New In

Pincushion Haby Cats

New In

Pincushion: Bird

New In

Pincushion: Flower: Sew Special

New In

Pincushion: Pig: Fable Floral

New In

Prym Seam tape interfacing 10mm wide


Prym stitch ripper with point protector, small with ergonomic design


Safety Pins Assorted Colours 34mm


Seam Guide - Magnetic


Sew Easy French Curve Ruler


Sew Easy Template Plastic Graph


Sew Easy Template Plastic Plain


Sewing Machine Oil 20ml


Sewing Machine Stretch Belt


Sewline Blue Refill for Glue Pen - Water Soluble


Sewline Glue Pen - Water Soluble with Blue Refill


Squared Pattern Paper - Tracing Paper: Squared - 61 x 87cm


The Crafter's Choice Micro Fasteners


The Crafter's Choice Micro Stitch


Tracing Paper Plain - 76 x 102cm


Wundaweb Economy Pack


Wundaweb Small Pack


Zipper Foot - Adjustable


Zipper Foot Roller Set Invisible